Seeing with Fresh Eyes

Much of our reasoning process is really rationalization—story-telling that makes our current beliefs feel more coherent and justified, without necessarily improving their accuracy. “Against Rationalization” speaks to this problem, followed by “Against Doublethink” (on self-deception) and “Seeing with Fresh Eyes” [this sequence] (on the challenge of recognizing evidence that doesn’t fit our expectations and assumptions).

  1. Anchoring and Adjustment
  2. Priming and Contamination
  3. Do We Believe Everything We’re Told?
  4. Cached Thoughts
  5. The “Outside the Box” Box
  6. Original Seeing
  7. Stranger than History
  8. The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence
  9. The Virtue of Narrowness
  10. How to Seem (and Be) Deep
  11. We Change Our Minds Less Often Than We Think
  12. Hold Off On Proposing Solutions
  13. The Genetic Fallacy

Don’t Believe You’ll Self-Deceive



Anchoring and Adjustment