Mysterious Answers

“Mysterious Answers” … asks whether science resolves these problems for us. Scientists base their models on repeatable experiments, not speculation or hearsay. And science has an excellent track record compared to anecdote, religion, and… pretty much everything else. Do we still need to worry about “fake” beliefs, confirmation bias, hindsight bias, and the like when we’re working with a community of people who want to explain phenomena, not just tell appealing stories?

  1. Fake Explanations
  2. Guessing the Teacher’s Password
  3. Science as Attire
  4. Fake Causality
  5. Semantic Stopsigns
  6. Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions
  7. The Futility of Emergence
  8. Say Not “Complexity”
  9. Positive Bias: Look into the Dark
  10. Lawful Uncertainty
  11. My Wild and Reckless Youth
  12. Failing to Learn from History
  13. Making History Available
  14. Explain/Worship/Ignore?
  15. “Science” as Curiosity-Stopper
  16. Truly Part of You

Hindsight Devalues Science



Fake Explanations