Yudkowsky’s Coming of Age

“Yudkowsky’s Coming of Age” provides a last in-depth illustration of the dynamics of irrational belief, this time spotlighting the author’s own intellectual history.

  1. My Childhood Death Spiral
  2. My Best and Worst Mistake
  3. Raised in Technophilia
  4. A Prodigy of Refutation
  5. The Sheer Folly of Callow Youth
  6. That Tiny Note of Discord
  7. Fighting a Rearguard Action Against the Truth
  8. My Naturalistic Awakening
  9. The Level Above Mine
  10. The Magnitude of His Own Folly
  11. Beyond the Reach of God
  12. My Bayesian Enlightenment

Beginnings: An Introduction



My Childhood Death Spiral