The Simple Math of Evolution

The first sequence of The Machine in the Ghost, β€œ The Simple Math of Evolution,” aims to communicate the dissonance and divergence between our hereditary history, our present-day biology, and our ultimate aspirations. This will require digging deeper than is common in introductions to evolution for non-biologists, which often restrict their attention to surface-level features of natural selection.

  1. An Alien God
  2. The Wonder of Evolution
  3. Evolutions Are Stupid (But Work Anyway)
  4. No Evolutions for Corporations or Nanodevices
  5. Evolving to Extinction
  6. The Tragedy of Group Selectionism
  7. Fake Optimization Criteria
  8. Adaptation-Executers, Not Fitness-Maximizers
  9. Evolutionary Psychology
  10. An Especially Elegant Evolutionary Psychology Experiment
  11. Superstimuli and the Collapse of Western Civilization
  12. Thou Art Godshatter


The Power of Intelligence



An Alien God