Science and Rationality

… the sequence “Science and Rationality” [this sequence] and the essay A Technical Explanation of Technical Explanation tie [the ideas in this book] together and relate them to scientific practice.

  1. The Failures of Eld Science
  2. The Dilemma: Science or Bayes?
  3. Science Doesn’t Trust Your Rationality
  4. When Science Can’t Help
  5. Science Isn’t Strict Enough
  6. Do Scientists Already Know This Stuff?
  7. No Safe Defense, Not Even Science
  8. Changing the Definition of Science
  9. Faster Than Science
  10. Einstein’s Speed
  11. That Alien Message
  12. My Childhood Role Model
  13. Einstein’s Superpowers
  14. Class Project

Many Worlds, One Best Guess



The Failures of Eld Science