Quantum Physics and Many Worlds

… two sequences that go into more depth on specific academic debates: “Physicalism 201” (on the hard problem of consciousness) and “Quantum Physics and Many Worlds” [this sequence] (on the measurement problem in physics).

  1. Quantum Explanations
  2. Configurations and Amplitude
  3. Joint Configurations
  4. Distinct Configurations
  5. Collapse Postulates
  6. Decoherence is Simple
  7. Decoherence is Falsifiable and Testable
  8. Privileging the Hypothesis
  9. Living in Many Worlds
  10. Quantum Non-Realism
  11. If Many-Worlds Had Come First
  12. Where Philosophy Meets Science
  13. Thou Art Physics
  14. Many Worlds, One Best Guess

Psychic Powers



Quantum Explanations