Quantified Humanism

Mere Goodness collects three sequences of blog posts on human value: “Fake Preferences” (on failed attempts at theories of value), “Value Theory” (on obstacles to developing a new theory, and some intuitively desirable features of such a theory), and “Quantified Humanism” [this sequence] (on the tricky question of how we should apply such theories to our ordinary moral intuitions and decision-making).

  1. Scope Insensitivity
  2. One Life Against the World
  3. The Allais Paradox
  4. Zut Allais!
  5. Feeling Moral
  6. The “Intuitions” Behind “Utilitarianism”
  7. Ends Don’t Justify Means (Among Humans)
  8. Ethical Injunctions
  9. Something to Protect
  10. When (Not) to Use Probabilities
  11. Newcomb’s Problem and Regret of Rationality

The Gift We Give to Tomorrow



Scope Insensitivity