Politics and Rationality

… we move into murkier waters with a sequence on “Politics and Rationality.” Mainstream national politics, as debated by TV pundits, is famous for its angry, unproductive discussions. On the face of it, there’s something surprising about that. Why do we take political disagreements so personally, even when the machinery and effects of national politics are so distant from us in space or in time? For that matter, why do we not become more careful and rigorous with the evidence when we’re dealing with issues we deem important?

  1. Politics is the Mind-Killer
  2. Policy Debates Should Not Appear One-Sided
  3. The Scales of Justice, the Notebook of Rationality
  4. Correspondence Bias
  5. Are Your Enemies Innately Evil?
  6. Reversed Stupidity Is Not Intelligence
  7. Argument Screens Off Authority
  8. Hug the Query
  9. Rationality and the English Language
  10. Human Evil and Muddled Thinking

Your Rationality Is My Business



Politics is the Mind-Killer