Physicalism 201

… two sequences that go into more depth on specific academic debates: “Physicalism 201” [this sequence] (on the hard problem of consciousness) and “Quantum Physics and Many Worlds” (on the measurement problem in physics).

  1. Hand vs. Fingers
  2. Angry Atoms
  3. Heat vs. Motion
  4. Brain Breakthrough! It’s Made of Neurons!
  5. When Anthropomorphism Became Stupid
  6. A Priori
  7. Reductive Reference
  8. Zombies! Zombies?
  9. Zombie Responses
  10. The Generalized Anti-Zombie Principle
  11. GAZP vs. GLUT
  12. Belief in the Implied Invisible
  13. Zombies: The Movie
  14. Excluding the Supernatural
  15. Psychic Powers

Initiation Ceremony



Hand vs. Fingers